Poetry of dusk
Pragati Bairagi Ektara



In the midst of the cacophony
you hold your fingers-
share your wine sip
and muted secrets.

lipstick blotches, done & redone
clinks of dinner plates
love bites, hidden in Chantilly lace
messages from far away woods,
bestrewed thousand miles night
like mystic fire flies
in an enduring travel

In the midst of the cacophony
you meet yourself, waiting
on the other side of the table.



She breathes better in grey
those black & white garnishing on paper, makes her alive
The wind riffles the pages
She feels the craving
It’s a journey from table to table
Voyage from Poet to poet
She dreams of a never-ending poem
She dreams better in grey…



Words, she weaved round-the-clock

words from the saddest sob

the electric humming of oozing moments

her mid-night melody,

journey from forsaken to forever…

but the night was cold

entwined threads were gloomy & dark

And,… the falling stars devour the frozen story



She secures them in her womb,
unclad droplets of melancholy
wrapping in tender sheets of silence…
feeding unspoken truths.

She nurtures, dreams,
vulnerably falls in love,
swims through the runnel of
Fantasy & flame, bliss & blade.

She gives them birth on paper
and whispers ‘Fly, my precious.
You have a legacy to be outrageous.’

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